Skyscraper Review – So Bad It's…OK? (Rating: 5/10)

What did I expect? Dwayne Johnson is everywhere at the moment, and can seemingly do no wrong. This is undoubtedly a good thing for him, because a less famous actor would likely not survive the absurdity of Skyscraper, a film that joyfully makes no sense yet never quite realises. The number of times I turned to my boyfriend completely dumbstruck by what had occurred on screen … Continue reading Skyscraper Review – So Bad It's…OK? (Rating: 5/10)

Rampage Review – Apeshit (Rating: 3/10)

A movie based on a video game? How could this possibly go wrong! In all seriousness though, after the fairly average (exceptional by video game adaption standards) Tomb Raider, I was willing to not fully dismiss Rampage based on its history as an 80’s arcade game. However, the plot of Tomb Raider was based on a game from 2013 that was lauded for its cinematic qualities and narrative, as opposed to just the gameplay. … Continue reading Rampage Review – Apeshit (Rating: 3/10)