About Me

Hello! I’m Zoe, a 20-year-old film student from Northern England, and a member of both the OAFFC (The Online Association Of Female Film Critics) and GALECA (The Society For LGBTQ+ Critics) in an ally capacity.

Hopefully, I’ll be posting reviews and other content like retrospectives and opinion pieces 2-3 times a week, about recent releases, classics, and any other films I get my grubby little hands on.

As well as pieces that are written specifically for this blog, I’ll be posting links to articles and reviews I’ve written for Film Inquiry, The Digital Fix, and Flip Screen, all online publications I contribute to, as well as the university newspaper SCAN. There are also articles from my time writing for Affinity Magazine, Cultured Vultures, and City Countdown, as well as one-off articles for websites like Girls On Tops, Screen Queens, and The Super Mario Brothers Movie Archive.

Please follow if you like my content, and feel free to comment with any opinions you’d like to discuss!

Here are some links to my social media:

Twitter: @CrombieZoe

Facebook: Obsess Reviews

Letterboxd: ZoeCrombie